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Unbrak Outdoor

Ecommerce Website Selling Outdoor Clothing & Equipment

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Home page

Unbrak Outdoor is a practice ecommerce site built using GatsbyJS & Shopify.

Products Page

The products are queried in the Shopify API using graphQL.

Product View

The product display has options for each variant that can be selected using dropdown menus and then added to the shopping cart. Selecting the thumbnail images can also select the colour of product.

Shopping Cart

The shopping cart is built using React's context API which allows the shopping cart data to be available easily throughout the website. The checkout is provided by Shopify and redirects to an external page.

Products Header


Built using:

  • Gatsby JS
  • Shopify
  • Responsive Design
  • SEO
  • GraphQL
  • Javascript/ES6
  • Adobe XD