I'm a self taught JavaScript developer with experience in frontend technologies, such as ReactJS, and some familiarity using NodeJS & MongoDB on the Backend.

Most of my projects I create using the Jamstack - I enjoy using static site generators(GatsbyJS) along with any tools necessary for the project. I've also created sites based on AWS, using a variety of their services to create tailored serverless apps.

All of my web development skills have been self-taught using online-based resources.

Please check out this selection of projects I've designed and developed. There are links to visit the sites and most of the source code is available on GitHub.

Home Page


A photo upload and storage website built using React JS & AWS Amplify

Home Page

A Pinch Of Salt

Recipe search engine built using the MERN stack(MongoDB, Express, React & Node

Home Page

Rosy Rose Herbalist

Ecommerce website & CMS for a small herbalist business

Home Page

Unbrak Outdoor

Ecommerce website built using Gatsby JS & Shopify

Home Page

Wild Northern Isles

Inspiration for outdoor activities and adventures in Shetland