Birqash camel market, Egypt

Located a short distance from Cairo, in Birqash, is one of Africa's largest camel markets. Every day camels from all over Egypt and neighbouring countries are bought and sold in this space. Friday is generally the busiest day with the market beginning at dawn and continuing for most of the day. The market is a hive of activity as camels are transported around and buyers barter with camel sellers for the best deal. The market is a poor sight for animal rights - camels have their legs tied to prevent them from escaping, and they're hit with sticks by owners trying to control them.

Inspecting a camel, Birqash

Tied up camels, Birqash

Camel negotiations, Birqash

A boy pulling a camel, Birqash

Camel owner portrait, Birqash

Owner with his camel, Birqash

Buyers gather around camels during a sale, Birqash

Portrait of men at the camel market, Birqash

Pointing the stick, Birqash

Camel sale, Birqash

Man with camels, Birqash

Tying the camel's leg, Birqash

Controlling the camels, Birqash